Hulu: NBCU-News YouTube Killer Has A Name, Problems


NBC and News Corp.’s MeTooTube/ClownCo/Would-Be-YouTube-Killer finally has a name: Hulu. CEO Jason Killar has an explanation of the name — more or less, because it sounds funny — and a partial update on rollout schedule — private beta in October — here.

For anyone keeping track, that means the venture now has a $100 million investment from Providence Equity, a $1 billion valuation, a CEO and a name. Great! Only a few more hurdles left! Hulu still has to deal with the fact that it:

  • hasn’t launched
  • has 120 employees and a big burn rate (call it $10 million a year)
  • has a deeply entrenched, globally dominant competitor
  • is two years too late
  • has been shunned by the other big dogs in the industry (CBS, Disney, Viacom)
  • is a joint venture between two companies that hate each other.

We do like that name, though.

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