Hulu Looking At $5 Monthly Subscription Fee For Older Episodes


Hulu is looking at charging $5 per month subscription fee to access older TV episodes, the LA Times reports.

One plan being considered would allow users to view the five most recent episodes of TV shows free but would require a subscription of $4.99 a month to watch older episodes. Hulu believes it will need at least 20 TV series — both current ones and those no longer on the air — to make such a pay service attractive to users. A firm pricing model could emerge within six months, the sources said.

Hulu has been thinking about a pay model for months now. In September, Chase Carey, COO at News Corp., said Hulu would have to charge for access to some parts of its business.

Following up on his comments, Carey said in November “Hulu will always have its core which is free, but we have to develop a dual revenue stream.” Advertising revenue alone isn’t going to support the site.

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