Hulu Is The No. 10 Most-Watched YouTube Channel Of All Time

hulu dushku tbi

What’s YouTube’s inspiration to get cranking on more professional content deals? How about seeing rival Hulu in its top 10 list of most popular channels?

Indeed, thanks mostly to Family Guy clips, Hulu is the tenth most-watched YouTube channel of all time, with 325 million views. That puts it right in front of the Jonas Brothers channel.

We couldn’t find any ads in Hulu’s YouTube clips, either. So Google doesn’t even get the bonus of making a little bit of money off Hulu’s exclusive content.

Other pro content companies in the top 10 include CBS, no. 8 with 366 million views; Sony BMG, no. 2 with 636 million views; and Universal Music, no. 1 with a whopping 4.1 billion views. Precisely why YouTube is so excited about its future plans around pro content, like its Vevo partnership with Universal.

Here’s the most popular clip, where Family Guy‘s Stewie and Brian argue over how to pronounce “Cool Whip.”

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