A new tool lets you add a ‘Random Episode’ button to Hulu, solving what a Hulu exec called the ‘Seinfeld problem’

  • A new extension from Flixed allows Google Chrome users to add a “Random Episode” button to Hulu.
  • The button will give viewers a random episode of the show they’re watching so they don’t have to choose themselves.
  • It’s perfect for episodic comedies with a lot of episodes to choose from that you can jump in at any moment (like “Seinfeld”).
  • The topic is popular on Reddit, and Hulu’s senior VP of experience seemed to like the idea during an AMA session last month.

A new Google Chrome extension lets you add a “Random Episode” button to Hulu so you can easily jump into episodic comedies like “Seinfeld.”

Streaming news website Flixed developed the extension when it noticed that Hulu users across the Internet were hungry for the option to watch episodes of their favourite show without having to choose themselves, the company said.

The extension is simple: Once it’s added, Hulu watchers can go to the page of their show of choice, and next to the “Episodes” button will be a “Random Episode” button. Clicking that gives the viewer a random episode.

The option seems to be perfect for episodic shows, mainly comedies, where there are tons of episodes that aren’t connected to one another, so watchers new and old can jump in at any moment.

The topic is a popular one on the Hulu subreddit (with threads here and here, for starters). And during a Reddit AMA last month with Ben Smith, senior VP of experience at Hulu, a user asked if there were any plans to add the “random episode” option.

Smith responded with: “Random episode is an awesome idea and one that we punted around a bit. Curious to know what series you would use this for?”

Users chimed in with shows like “Seinfeld,” “South Park,” Family Guy,” and “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.”

“Funny, we actually call this the ‘Seinfeld problem’ inside of Hulu,” Smith said. “Because if someone is new to Seinfeld, the worst place you could start them is the pilot episode. So we totally agree with you.”

Maybe it’s only a matter of time before Hulu adds the “Random Episode” button itself.

But until then, Hulu subscribers streaming on Google Chrome can add the extension here.