Hulu CEO: Revenue 'Ahead Of Plan' This Quarter


In a lengthy Q&A with paidContent, Hulu CEO Jason Kilar doesn’t spill any news or new details about his deal with Disney: He mostly talks about how young Hulu is and how happy he is with everything.

And Kilar definitely doesn’t drop any meaningful financial information. But despite the crappy ad market, and all the free public service announcements — and relatively few real, paid ads — we see on Hulu, Kilar says sales are ahead of the company’s targets:

“If you look at 2008 versus where we as a founding team thought we would be and where we ended, we were ahead of plan financially on a revenue basis. If you take a look at the ambitious goals that we set out for ’09, we just closed Q1 and we were ahead of plan as well and we’re ahead of plan in Q2.”

Makes sense given Hulu’s massive traffic growth. Even with an awesome product and ad sales team, it seems it would be hard to fill Hulu’s fast-growing inventory. And it’s not like any of Hulu’s parent companies are expecting Hulu to generate any significant revenue in the near future.

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