After winning the top Emmy award, Hulu is now bringing Sean Penn to TV for the first time

Days after netting the top Emmy award for best drama series with “The Handmaid’s Tale,” Hulu has announced that it will be bringing actor Sean Penn into a new Hulu original series for his “first foray into television.”

The upcoming drama series, “The First,” will be led by Netflix’s “House of Cards” creator Bill Willimon.

Hulu said in a release that the show will follow “the first human mission to Mars, exploring the challenges of taking the first steps toward interplanetary colonization.”

The company gave no specific details about Penn’s role in the series, but Willimon gave a statement expressing his “deep admiration” for the Oscar-winning actor.

“I have such deep admiration for Sean’s immense talent and extraordinary body of work,” Willimon said in a statement. “I feel very lucky to be collaborating with an artist of his calibre.”

Willimon’s Westward Productions will own and produce the show, which is slated to premiere on Hulu and the UK’s Channel 4 in 2018.

Penn’s last film appearance was a voiceover role in “The Angry Birds Movie.” Despite Hulu’s statement that this is his “first foray” into TV, Penn technically contributed voiceover work to Fox’s “Family Guy” in 2016.

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