Hulu Beating CNN, Turner, Still A Fraction Of YouTube

Hulu, which didn’t formally open for business until March, is now the 8th-largest video site in the U.S.

That’s according to new stats from Nielsen, which reports that the JV between Fox and NBC racked racked up some¬† 105 million video streams in July, up from 80 million streams in May.

Hulu’s gains put them ahead of two Time Warner (TWX)properties: CNN and Turner Networks, and a whisper behind Disney’s ESPN (DIS)

Two key takeaways:

  • Hulu is still growing quite quickly, no doubt helped by the presence of Viacom shows like The Daily Show and Colbert Report, which were added in June and regularly account for a significant percentage of the most-viewed TV episodes on the site. And bear in mind that the site has had next-to promotion from its JV partners.
  • For all of Hulu’s growth, it still just a pipsqueak compared to Google’s YouTube (GOOG) — it had about 2% of YouTube’s traffic last month. Then again, everyone in Web video is a pipsqueak compared to YouTube.

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