Hulu’s First Scripted Show Has A Trailer, And It Looks Awful

Creating original, scripted shows is the new fad for web-streaming services: Netflix is doing it, Yahoo’s doing it, and now Hulu’s doing it.

Hulu just unveiled the trailer for an original series about a senatorial candidate’s campaign staff. It’s called “Battleground,” and the trailer is cliched, poorly written and melodramatic. In other words, it looks terrible.

What this means so far is that, of the three streaming services, Netflix has the only appealing show, “Lilyhammer,” which is led by a “The Sopranos” veteran and has an intriguing premise.

“Battleground” premieres February 14, with the first of 13 episodes. Hulu will also have the second season of “A Day in the Life” and premiere Richard Linklater’s “Up to Speed” in 2012.

(via Mashable)