Wisconsin Town Wants To Make Biking And Walking A Crime

Commuter Biking

Photo: By Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious on Flickr

Public officials in the sleepy town of Hull, Wisconsin are considering a plan that bans bicyclists and pedestrians from town roads or requires them to register travel plans in advance, in response to a “growing problem with road safety,” reports Stevens Points Journal (via Grist).Cyclist advocates have been quick to criticise the proposed ordinance, which they say violates state laws that assign the same rules of the road to motorists as bikers.

While it turns out the town of Hull hasn’t had a crash involving a bike or pedestrian since 2008, the community’s chairman contends that bikers and runners take up too much of the road, leading to a rash of complaints from irritated drivers.

Since the town lacks its own police force, it would have to pay the county sheriff’s department to enforce the law if it were enacted. 

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