104-Year-Old Reclusive Heiress Huguette Clark Leaves Behind An Amazing Real Estate Portfolio


Harriet Chase died at Beth Israel Hospital in Manhattan on Tuesday morning, just two weeks shy of her 105th birthday. While she called herself Harriet Chase, most knew her as Huguette Clark.

Clark inherited a great fortune from her father, wealthy copper baron, William Andrews Clark. But Clark didn’t flaunt her wealth like the Paris Hiltons of the world.

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Instead, Huguette Clark lived a life of secrecy and solitude, much the opposite of her father who was considered one of the “Copper Kings,” and served as the Senator of Montana for six years. Her father was not well-liked, known as a “scoundrel,” to many.

When William Andrews Clark passed away in 1925, Huguette began receiving $7,500 a month ($1.2 million dollars a year today), and when she turned 21, Huguette received one-fifth of her father’s fortune, about $60 million ($720 million today).

Clark married in 1928, but was divorced by 1930, and lived with her mother in their Fifth Avenue mansion, until she passed away in 1963. The two lived a private life, with a family or friend visitor every now and then. After her mother passed, Huguette became even more reclusive, and stopped visiting the family homes in California and New Canaan, Conn.

Instead, Huguette lived in the Fifth Avenue home with her Irish caretaker, Delia Healey, until Healey died in 1980.

But for the last 20 years of her life, Clark chose to live at Beth Israel Hospital, in an unmarked room, living under pseudonyms, leaving her gorgeous estates empty for years. Her remaining family members did not even know where she was, only her attorney, Wallace Bock, and accountant, a felon, Irving H. Kamsler.

In 2008, Kamsler plead guilty to trying to solicit indecent materials to minors in an AOL chat room, and asking them to meet in remote locations.

Kamsler and Bock, who have power of attorney of Clark’s finances, have since been investigated to be sure Clark’s money has been handled correctly. So far the two have not been charged with mishandling Clark’s finances, but the investigation is ongoing.

While nothing has been released about Huguette Clark’s funeral, it is assumed she will be buried in the family’s mausoleum at the Woodlwan Cemetery in the Bronx where her mother, father, and older sister also rest.

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NEW CANAAN: Huguette has never spent a single night in the 12,766 square foot property

NEW CANAAN: The home has been on the market since 2005, now with an asking price of $24 million

NEW CANAAN: Huguette bought the home in 1952

NEW CANAAN: And it has been empty for 57 years

NEW CANAAN: The 1950's style kitchen shows the house hasn't been touched

NEW YORK CITY: Huguette spent most of her life in this fantastic apartment building adjacent to Central Park

NEW YORK CITY: The apartment had 15,000 square feet, and 42 rooms

NEW YORK CITY: She had a spread on two floors, here's one of the floor's plans

NEW YORK CITY: Here's another plan. The building's workers say they have only seen Huguette a few times in the past decade

SANTA BARBARA: Huguette purchased the estimated $100 million estate in 1928. After 1963, she never visited

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