Hugh Jackman Says He Dressed Up As Wolverine At Comic-Con And No One Recognised Him

hugh jackman comic con

Bryan Cranston isn’t the only celebrity to dress up at Comic-Con and go unnoticed by fans.

Hugh Jackman said he did the same.

During the “X-Men: Days of Future Past” panel, the actor said he walked around Comic-Con in his Wolverine outfit¬†only to get ridiculed by fans.

“I got dressed up in my full Wolverine costume. Not one person stopped me,” said Jackman.¬†“One guy goes, ‘Eh, not bad.’ And another one said, ‘Whoa. Way too tall buddy.'”

Watch the excerpt from the panel below:

We can’t find any photos of Jackman in cosplay. If you saw the actor wandering around Comic-Con as Wolverine and have a photo, send it our way.

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