Hugh Jackman teases his final Wolverine movie on Twitter

There’s very little we know about Hugh Jackman’s final appearance as the “X-Men” hero Wolverine, other than the fact it will be a third and final “Wolverine” solo film happening relatively soon — the spring of 2017, to be exact. 

With three other “X-Men” movies in the pipeline first — “X-Men: Apocalypse” (where Jackman will next appear as Wolverine), “Deadpool”, and “Gambit” (starring Channing Tatum)   — it’s not likely that we’ll hear much about Jackman’s last solo outing for a little while. 

That doesn’t mean Jackman isn’t talking about it, though. Monday night, the star posted a photo on his Twitter account, asking fans what they would like to see in his final film wearing the iconic claws.  

This comes a few weeks after San Diego Comic-Con, where Jackman did some speculation of his own and teased a possible adaptation of “Old Man Logan” — a post-apocalyptic story where an older Wolverine is the only superhero left in a world dominated by villains.

The final “Wolverine” movie, which remains untitled, is scheduled to arrive in theatres on March 3, 2017.

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