Hugh Hendry: I'm Not As Full Of Myself In Real Life As I Appear On TV

Hugh HendryHugh Hendry

U.K. hedge fund manager Hugh Hendry, a partner and chief investment officer Eclectica Asset Management, has a reputation for his spirited television interviews and YouTube videos.Remember when Hendry duked it out with Joseph Stiglitz on BBC’s Newsnight back in 2010?

Of course you do.  

But if you need a refresher, Stiglitz said that betting on a default was absurd and that’s what Hendry was betting would happen in Greece.  

Hendry then said, “Um hello? Can I tell you about the real world?” Watch it here >

Anyway, as of late, Hendry has stepped out of the media spotlight for the most part because some of his “genteel, wealthy” investors thought it was a little too much, the Financial Times’ Robert Cookson reports

From the FT [via Zerohedge

“What I found was that when I speak in person, and especially when it’s television and timing is so acute, it gives the impression that I am cavalier and, if you will, full of myself,” says Mr Hendry, speaking by phone from his office in Bayswater, central London.

“The danger when people look at that from a distance is that they try to align that with the guy that they’ve just given $50m or $75m to and it’s not the same person.”

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