Heiress Huguette Clark Left $34 Million To HER NURSE And Nothing To Her Relatives


Huguette Clark, heiress to copper baron William Clark’s fortune, died last month and left $34 million of to her nurse, according to the New York Post.

Hadassah Peri had been Clark’s nurse since 1991, when she was randomly assigned to Clark by a nursing agency.

Clark, who was known for being a reclusive person, spent most of her time since then with Peri, and called her “a friend and loyal companion.” Peri will also receive Clark’s doll and dollhouse collection, a prized possession of Clark’s.

Clark left absolutely nothing to her distant relatives that she had little contact with over her lifetime. Her will reads:

“I intentionally make no provision in this my Last Will Testament for any members of my family, whether on my paternal or maternal side, having had minimal contacts with them over the years. The persons and institution named herin as beneficiaries of my Estate are the true objects of my bounty.”

Clark also left $500,000 to her attorney Wallace Bock and $500,000 to her accountant Irving Kamsler. Bock and Kamsler are currently under investigation in mishandling Clark’s money. Clark’s goddaughter, Wanda Styka, will receive $14 million.

The majority of Clark’s estate, $275 million, will go to establishing an arts foundation, The Bellosguardo Foundation, at her estate in Santa Barbara. The mansion will become a museum and house most of Clark’s art collection including work from Renoir, John Singer Sargent, and  William Merrit Chase.

Clark’s other estates in New York City and Connecticut will be put up for sale.

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