Huge Surprises In 2010: An American Third Party, A Major Yuan Devaluation And The VIX Falling To 14

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Many thanks to FT Alphaville, which has been doing an amazing job rounding up 2010 predictions from all manner of banks.

As fun as it is to trash predictions — or, like Nassim Taleb, trash the people who like to make predictions — they’re actually very fun, both to make and read, and as far as we concerned, they never hurt anyone.

Izabella Kaminska has a report from Saxo Bank, a forex specialist, on their 10 outrageous predictions for 2010. In the past, apparently, they predicted that Ron Paul would win the US election.

So for this year, they see:

1)Bunds yields will fall to 2.25%
Deflationary forces and excessive monetary policy will lower the yield on Bunds and other sovereign fixed income when the government fixed income traders refuse to buy into the “growth story” that is being told by the stock market. We believe that the German 10-Year Government Bond could be forced from 122.6 to 133.3 by the end of 2010 in a general flight to quality.

2) VIX will fall to 14
The markets are showing the same kind of complacency towards risk as they were in 2005-06. Although the VIX has been trading lower since October 2008, this could bring the VIX down from 22.32 to 14 as trading ranges narrow and implied options volatility declines.

3) CNY (China Yuan Renminbi) will be devalued by 5% vs. USD The efforts of Chinese authorities to stem the credit growth and avoid bad loans, combined with the creation of several growth bubbles could ultimately reveal the Chinese investment-driven growth as being deficient. The massive, Chinese spare capacity and the economic backdrop could be a deciding factor in devaluing the CNY vs. the USD.

4) Gold will fall to $870 in 2010 but will rise to $1500 in 2014
A general strengthening of the USD could break the back of the recent speculative element in gold. Although we are long term bullish on gold (believing it will reach $1500 within five years), this trade seems to have become too easy and too widespread to pay out in the shorter term. A serious correction towards the $870 level could shake out the speculative community while keeping the metal in a longer term uptrend.

5) USDJPY to reach 110
Although the downturn in the USD is rooted in irresponsible fiscal and monetary policies, we believe that the USD could snap back at some point in 2010 because the USD carry trade has been too easy and too obvious for too long. At the same time, the JPY is not reflecting economic reality in Japan, which is struggling with a huge debt burden and ageing population.

6)Angry American public to form third party in the US
The anti-incumbent mood is approaching 1994 and 2006 levels as a result of bail-outs and general disapproval of both the big parties. A demand for real change among American voters could propel a third new party to become a deciding factor in the 2010 elections.

Read the rest at FT Alphaville >>

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