A wildlife handler turned tradie captured a huge python from a home in Queensland — but not before it ate the family cat

The snake, the cat and Maro Brydie Maro/ Facebook

A wildlife handler turned electrician captured a huge scrub python from a family home in Far North Queensland.

Unfortunately it wasn’t in time to save a pet cat that the snake had consumed for lunch.

Brydie Maro was on her way home from a job on Monday afternoon when she got a call from one of her regular customers about the snake.

“I have removed snakes from her switchboard before and so she called me up and said ‘Hey we have this snake under the house and it has actually eaten the family cat’,” she told Fairfax Media.

Maro retrieve the snake which she estimated to be at least 8kgs from underneath the house in Mossman.

“Can you get the cat out?” a child asks.

Sadly it was too late for the family pet.

Once Maro wrangles the beast, the family swears at the size of the “good size snake.”

“Holy crap,” you hear someone say.

And just when you thought the whole scene couldn’t get more Australian, Maro puts the reptile in her toolbox and leaves.

She later released the snake in remote bushland.

See the video here. It gets interesting around 1.15 minutes in.