Stunning, High-Res Photos Of The New Gorgeous iPhone 5

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Photo: Apple

Apple unveiled the iPhone 5 today—a slightly larger update to the iPhone lineup.There weren’t a whole lot of surprises, because most of the details about the phone had already leaked onto the Internet by the time it was announced.

Here’s the short, short version: bigger phone, more icons, bigger screen, faster processor, better camera and the new operating system.

We’ve collected a bunch of images of the new device, so you can check it out from every angle.

Let's start with the back—it has a two-tone cover that is super-clear on the edges and a little more subdued in the middle.

That's compared to the glass on the back of the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4.

The result is more of a unibody feel to the phone, much like Apple's laptops.

Apple overhauled the way it manufactures its iPhones to ensure everything looks stunning.

For example, with its new manufacturing setup, the variations between phones are basically down to the micrometers.

The new manufacturing scheme lets them have that subtle two-tone back on the phone, as well.

The screen still has a Retina display, a display so good your eyes can't detect the pixelation. And it comes with iOS 6, the new version of the iPhone operating system.

There's a new version of maps coming with the iPhone 5, for example, which has a satellite display and is more like Google's 3D maps view.

The new maps app comes with turn-by-turn directions, too. That's a part of iOS 6, which has been optimised for the iPhone 5.

With the bigger screen, you can see a lot more (surprise). For example, you'll see a greater number of emails in your inbox.

There's an extra row of icons available on the home screen as well. Still, for having a bigger screen, the actual phone doesn't appear to be that much larger.

Still, even for being a bigger phone, it looks like it fits well in your hands.

The big difference, though, is when you turn it sideways into landscape mode. Then the bigger screen is much more apparent.

Just about everything looks bigger, and it's at the perfect aspect ratio for your eyes: 16:9.

The iPhone 5, like previous iPhones, comes in both black and white. It sports a bunch of new tech, like updated microphones for better call quality.

The iPhone 5 still manages to be thinner and lighter than the existing iPhones, which is impressive given how thin the iPhone 4S is already.

And the new phone comes with LTE, the next evolution in wireless cellular technology. It's much, much, much faster than 3G.

Here are the guts. Even the insides look as good as the outside, with a kind of odd symmetry and industrial swagger.

Apple combined two kinds of cellular data chips into a single chip, which freed up more room for other things, like a bigger battery.

The entire touch interface is now housed in the screen too, which allows Apple to make the phone more thin.

Apple did away with the old 30-pin connector for its existing phones...

It has a new camera, too. The new process required a brand new kind of lens and housing, because the phone was getting thinner.

The result is a powerful new camera that lets you take panoramic photos of your surroundings.

You can automatically share all that stuff directly to Facebook or Twitter thanks to the new integrations in iOS 6.

In all, the phone doesn't seem to be hugely different from the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. But that's probably a good thing.

The iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 were some of the most popular phones ever made. So you don't want to throw out something if it's working — just make it better, which it looks like is what Apple did with the iPhone 5.

Think the iPhone 5 looks great?

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