Huge Far Right Conspiracy Uncovered In Denmark

Denmark Police

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Danish newspaper Politiken reports that authorities are investigating a shadowy anti-immigrant organisation called ORG.Formed about 20 years ago, ORG has grown to around 100 members, a significant number of whom have reportedly held high-ranking positions in the right-wing Danish People’s Party (DPP) and other political groups.

While engaging in national politics, ORG members also participated in Ku Klux Klan-like rituals. The group’s aim: to end immigration and confront the ‘traitors’ that support it by any means necessary, including violent ones.

According to documents obtained by Politiken, ORG maintains a list of immigrant-friendly individuals that it calls, “The Great Memory.” And, at least until 2009, it closely followed the moves of its political enemies and was prepared to share this information with another vehemently anti-immigrant group called the Den Danske Forening association.

ORG’s leader, Jesper Nielsen refused to be interviewed, but the group did leave a message on its online board regarding the investigation.

Via Politiken:

“ORG has not wanted the publicity concerned as we assume that the non-public character of the association will be misconstrued and misused to ascribe surreptitious motives to its closed nature.”

Politiken also contacted DPP leader Lindholm Jensen about the group. Jensen said he had no knowledge of the organisation and added that Nielsen and another notable ORG member had already left the DPP. “They both solved the problem by withdrawing from the party,” he said.

But authorities have continued to follow the trail. It lead them to the Copenhagen home of a man known only as PUJ, a police officer suspended in 2009 for abusing his power to obtain information about ORG’s political enemies.

The news comes little over a month after Anders Behring Breivik committed huge massacres in fellow Scandinavian country Norway. Breivik’s attack, and his claims to have been working in a network, has led to a newfound suspicion of right wing groups in Europe.

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