A croc the length of a Holden Commodore has been found in a busy harbour in northern Australia

NT Department of Tourism and CultureNow, that’s a croc.

A 4.7 metre crocodile has been pulled from Darwin Harbour in Australia’s Northern Territory.

To put that in perspective, a Holden Commodore is 4.8 metres long.

One Parks and Wildlife ranger who had been with the croc team for three years told the NT News he couldn’t recall coming across a larger salt water crocodile.

Saltwater crocodiles are extremely dangerous and known to aggressively stalk and attack people in and around their waters.

The size of the beast made it difficult for the team to transport, forcing them to secure the animal to the boat because it couldn’t fit inside the vessel.

NT Department of Tourism and Culture

The ranger said these crocodiles move around the river systems in the Northern Territory at this time of year, and advised people in the area to be safe on the water and don’t take risks.

“Always be vigilant and know that if you live in the Top End, there will be crocodiles in the waterways,” he said.

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