Huge: Apple's iPhone Could BLOCK You From Taking Video At Live Events

This takes rights management and IP protection to new, absurd heights.

As I wrote about in greater detail here last night, Apple Inc allegedly has a new technology that allows it to block iPhone users from taking videos at ‘live events’ such as concerts and sports games — you know, you’d never want to let a user take unauthorised video content away from an event… or accidentally snap an image of a Coca-Cola sign without obtaining the proper licensing agreement beforehand.

Ridiculous that Apple thinks it can tell you what to take videos of — and what not to.

As I pointed out in my original article, if Apple actually implemented this outrageous technology in its phones, I would immediately switch from my preciousssss iPhone 4 to a new, perfectly capable Android device… and I would do my best to convince every single one of my Outlaw readers (I have quite a few of them) to do the same.

It isn’t Apple’s job to tell you how to use their products. Ditch the mind control and go back to making cool products. Also, pay your employees better — you’re the most profitable retail brand on Earth, it’s the least you can do. (I’m not an Apple employee nor am I shareholder in the company.)

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