CHA-CHING! HuffPo Staffers Get Million Dollar Checks

cash make it rain video still

About a half-dozen mid-level Huffington Post staffers will get million dollar payouts thanks to AOL’s $315 million acquisition, the New York Observer reports.

This has inspired crazy jealousy from media folks who are not cashing in on equity, of course.

One particularly cranky “magazine veteran” complained the Observer:

“Anyone who’s been at HuffPo that long probably has zero creative fire, talent or editorial ambition. Now these people are cashing seven-figure checks?”

How pompous.

Good for the newly loaded HuffPo staffers. They took a risk on a new company in a new medium, cranked their asses off, and walked away richer than anyone going into journalism has any right to expect.

Eat your heart out, anonymous “magazine veteran.” We look forward to your next column in three weeks.

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