HuffingtonPost Hires “Citizen Journalism” Editor

From Wired:

The Huffington Post has hired veteran lefty journalist Marc Cooper to head up its OffTheBus citizen journalism project. Cooper is a columnist for the LA Weekly, and a contributing editor to The Nation.

“Starting this week, OTB’s new editor, Marc Cooper, will begin working with approximately 15 “Campaign Correspondents” who’ve committed to writing twice a week and who will be tracking different issues.  We’re also building up our correspondents team over the next few months to report from key areas,” said Mario Ruiz, a Huffington Post spokesman…

OffTheBus plans to use the citizen journalists to cover the 2008 campaigns from their own unique perspectives. The idea, as described by Arianna Huffington in June, is to provide the rest of us with some fresh campaign coverage. It seems to be an extension of the idea of open-source journalism on the Web, as championed by New York University professor Jay Rosen. Rosen is the founder of, an open-source reporting project. Wired News collaborated with on Assignment Zero.