An Inside Look At How The Huffington Post Runs Its 24/7 News Machine

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The Huffington Post launched a streaming-video news network called HuffPost Live on August 13.Since then, a team of reporters, producers, and on-air anchors have been broadcasting news and general-interest stories for 12 hours a day.

The network mixes Internet and TV tools to get the job done. On a given day, it might use Google Hangouts and Skype to connect with guests—while producing it all through a professional on-air studio staffed by skilled cameramen.

Business Insider was invited to take a look around the office to see how The Huffington Post and HuffPost Live operate.

We start in the newly launched HuffPost Live space. It's a streaming-video network that operates a floor below The Huffington Post's main newsroom.

Associate producers scour the internet looking for news and topics that might make interesting segments.

The segments are then broadcast live to an Internet audience from this studio.

Guests appearing in segments hang out in the green room.

HuffPost Live is on the air 8 hours a day from its New York studio before switching over to its West Coast location in Los Angeles.

A photo collage on the wall is made up of pictures of news greats of the past, such as Edward R. Murrow.

But here's some of the new school of reporters—from left to right, these are four of HuffPost Live's anchors: Abby Huntsman, Josh Zepps, Marc Lamont Hill, and Mike Sacks.

Broadcasting since August 13, the streaming network is still relatively young, but everyone seems to operate with seasoned experience.

Roy Sekoff, founding editor of The Huffington Post and current president of HuffPost Live, oversees nearly every aspect of the site's development.

Executive editor Mitch Semel brings a unique perspective to HuffPost Live given his work experience—he was previously general manager at The Onion.

Gabriel Lewis is the cocreator of HuffPost Live. He pulls together all of the aspects of putting out original video for the company.

The Huffington Post is situated inside the old Wanamaker's Building, and these are the original 19th-century stairs. Now, upstairs to the future ...

... where we arrive at the Huffington Post's main newsroom, which focuses on the website.

Several hundred reporters, editors, and producers generate stories all day.

Cosima Ungaro is an assistant international editor, covering news as it develops around the world.

Executive lifestyle editor Lori Leibovich oversees a number of different verticals on the site.

Given what she covers, she has eclectic reading material on hand.

We also met Janet Balis, the Huffington Post's publisher. She leads ad sales and consumer marketing for the site.

Software engineers Mike Edwards and Kailuo Wang make sure everything's running smoothly on the site.

The engineers like to keep things a little lighthearted around the office.

Mike Hogan joined HuffPo as executive arts and entertainment editor last year. When media outlets want someone from HuffPo to speak on television, he's often the one to do it.

Down the hall is a collection of photos ...

... from the day that Arianna Huffington sold her company to AOL for $315 million.

Arianna's office is tucked over in the corner. It's possibly the most comfortable office we've ever seen.

Our guides told us that while they can't be sure she's read all these books, it's entirely likely she has.

She's tenacious in business and politics ...

... but she doesn't let it rule her life.

She keeps some of her daughter's artwork in the office.

For as hard as they work, employees are encouraged to fight that middle-of-the-day crash ...

They can unwind with some ping-pong ...

... and help themselves to free drinks.

After that, it's back to work.

The news never stops, so neither can the Huffington Post.

And that's it!

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