The Huffington Post Is Launching A Live-Streaming Web Broadcast To Compete With CNN


Arianna Huffington is ready to take on CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News.

AOL’s Huffington Post Media Group is set to launch a live-streaming video network, Jeff Bercovici reports for Forbes, that would use editorial talent already in the newsroom.

Although it would be modelled after CNN and the 24-hour news networks, Bercovici writes, the new programming would more closely resemble the New York Times’ TimesCast web show and the Wall Street Journal’s WSJ Live app. It wouldn’t be running 24 hours a day, but it would have lots of live footage of HuffPo’s writers breaking down the day’s news events.

The move into the broadcast sphere likely has to do with advertisers’ interest in premium video. The network is said to be called HPSN, the Huffington Post Streaming Network.