Huffington Post Sets Out Catnip For Kids With 'HuffPost College'

university of missouri

This is smart: The Huffington Post just launched a new HuffPost College section that will cover “all things collegiate.” They are partnering with more than 60 college newspapers and cross-posting news, features, and video from students, administrators and analysts across the country.

HuffPost already has has a huge political and media-reading audience, but now they can get college kids hooked on it too. Students will contribute to the site for free in exchange for a huge online platform. After they graduate, they might continue to come to the site for the latest news.

The site is also recruiting for a “citizen journalism unit,” a kind of expanded intern program to boost original reporting for the section. “Specifically, we’ll be bringing about 30 students, both photojournalists and videographers, to cover college issues for us,” according to editor Adam Clark Estes. “There will be weekly assignments, training events, crowdsourcing projects, and most importantly, daily access to HuffPost editors.”

Jose Antonio Vargas, the Huffington Post’s tech and innovations editor, will edit the section and curate the contributions.


Arianna Huffington in the canned press statement: “With two college-aged daughters, I’ve recently been infused again with all the excitement, promise and vitality of campus life, so creating HuffPost College is something I’m especially excited about. The section features voices from colleges all around the country and is a real-time snapshot of college life today — from coverage of the latest trends and sports happenings to more serious issues such as freedom of expression on campus and the rising cost of tuition.”

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