Huffington Post Enters The Branded Content Business

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The Huffington Post is now pitching publishing services to brands, according to AdAge.As part of the service, HuffPo will create a website for a brand, and the band will then take over content, which includes repurposing prior posts from HuffPo.

Razorfish is one agency considering the offer.

Janet Balis, svp/sales strategy, marketing and partnerships for AOL, the parent of The Huffington Post, confirmed brands could acquire licenses to HuffPo’s content management system and access to AOL’s Devil ads, although neither are required.

HuffPo’s pitch centres around its expertise regarding content creation and search engine optimization. It thinks its turn-key solution and library of content will persuade brands to chose this partnership over opportunities from its competitors or simply creating a website without the assistance and cost of AOL-owned company.

Similarly, Forbes offers columns on for those interested in something more like paid programming, with Forbes publishing a disclaimer next to each author. It’s different than what HuffPo is pitching in that it offers a space on the Forbes websites and in front of its viewership, as opposed to the ability to create your own domain with HuffPo.

Earlier this month, Gawker Media announced a series of changes to reshape advertising and sales models on its site after “accidentally” making $70,000 through Amazon affiliate sales in December of 2011.

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