Huffington Post Co-Founder Ken Lerer Has A New Startup That Wants To Kill CNN

Ben Ken Lerer

Jonah Peretti and Paul Berry aren’t the only former Huffington Post executives with new startups.

Ken Lerer, co-founder of The Huffington Post, is starting an online video news company.

Peter Kafka at AllThingsD has been trailing down the project. Here’s what he’s learned.

  • It will launch this summer before the elections
  • The startup will go after traditional news companies like CNN and Fox News. If people watch TV all day, why wouldn’t they watch news streamed online all day?
  • Lerer’s new site will partner with a media company he’s invested in, BedRocket Media.
  • It will have a viral focus; Lerer has told people his site will rely heavily on social media for distribution.
  • Production people are being hired now and on air talent will be hired later.

He’s not sure about the startup’s name. Neither are we. For more on the stealth startup, head over to AllThingsD >