The Story Of Hudson Whiskey: How Its Small 'Baby Bourbon' Bottles Got To The Top Shelf

Tuthilltown Spirits, which distills Hudson Whiskey, was the first distillery to open in New York State since the days of Prohibition.

Ralph Erenzo and Brian Lee started the business over 10 years ago but spent the first couple of years figuring out how to make whiskey as neither of them had any professional experience in the trade. They welded, mashed and experimented until they knew they had something special on their hands.

The distillery created New York’s first bourbon ever, Hudson Baby Bourbon, and has now expanded to produce a variety of whiskeys and vodkas.

In the beginning, Erenzo started selling the Hudson Whiskey brands to liquor store owners and bars from the trunk of his car. The Hudson Whiskey distillers also regularly talk to bartenders to find the newest beverage trends to come up with new products that meet the demand.

Watch the video below to find out how Hudson Whiskey made it to the top shelf defying the old traditions of whiskey making.

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