This startup parked a van with a sign in front of Box's conference that SLAMMED Box and Microsoft

Silicon Valley document sharing company Box is putting on its star-studded Boxworks tech conference this week, with speakers like Apple CEO Tim Cook and Cisco chairman John Chambers.

One of its big themes this year is a partnership with Microsoft, announced in June, which lets Box customers store and share Office 365 documents.

And that brought out the troll in a startup competitor called Huddle, which competes with both Box and Microsoft in this document storing/collaboration field.

Huddle brought this billboard to Boxworks — notice how it loaded the sign on the side of a van, so it could make a quick getaway when it had to:

Huddle at BoxWorks 2015HuddleHuddle at BoxWorks 2015

Huddle has been known to do the trolling billboard-on-a-van before. Back in 2012, when Microsoft bought another competitor, Yammer, Huddle tried to poach unhappy employees from Yammer by renting a van with this sign.

Outside yammer london

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