Huddersfield debutante nets brutally embarrassing own goal from midfield in closing seconds

@nathanmurf / TwitterHuddersfield Town was already losing to Stoke City in their Carabao Cup match, but adding insult to injury with an impressive own goal in the game’s final moments.
  • Huddersfield Town midfielder Juninho Bacuna scored one of the most impressive own goals you’ll ever see during his team’s Carabao Cup match against Stoke City.
  • With just seconds remaining in the match, Bacuna scored on his own net from an astounding 40 yards out to give Stoke a 2-0 victory.
  • The match was Bacuna’s debut with Huddersfield, and it’s an appearance he’ll likely not forget anytime soon.

In it’s highest moments, soccer can transcend sport to create independently brilliant feats of athleticism and grace.

Messi’s handling, Ronaldo’s sure-footedness, and Lukaku’s mindful dummy all gave soccer fans great reminders of why they call it “the beautiful game.”

Such transcendence was not on display on Tuesday, as Huddersfield Town took on Stoke City in the Carabao Cup.

With Stoke City leading 1-0 in stoppage time, Huddersfield was desperate to find the back of the net in the game’s closing seconds and stave off elimination.

Midfielder Juninho Bacuna did just that – unfortunately in the form of an own goal. With the ball bouncing close to midfield, the 21-year-old making his first ever appearance for Huddersfield struck the ball in an attempt to send it back into the scoring area, but instead sliced the ball up and around his own keeper to score on his own net from an astounding 40 yards out.

It’s possibly the oddest own goal you’ll ever see.

Judging by the photos, Bacuna’s own goal won’t go down as a highlight of his young career.

Own gaolGareth Copley/Getty ImagesThat’s never the direction you like to see your keeper running.

Huddersfield Town would go on to lose the match 2-0 and be eliminated from the Cup.

Outside of that competition, things aren’t much brighter for the squad – the Terriers are winless through three games in their Premier League campaign, and will travel to Everton on Saturday in search of their first victory.

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