HubSpot Offers $30,000 To Anyone Who Helps Them Hire A Software Developer

HubSpot employeesHubSpot employees

HubSpot, a Cambridge, Mass.-based company that’s rapidly grown from 300 employees to 500 employees is looking for more software engineers and designers.

So it’s offering an irresistible carrot to the world: Anyone who refers a friend who lands the job will be paid a whopping $30,000 finder’s fee.

This triples the referral bonus HubSpot had in place before which was $10,000.

“Referral bonuses are not relegated to HubSpot employees; anyone can participate,” says HubSpot’s Hannah Fleishman in a blog post.

Obviously, some rules apply. For instance, you can’t recommend yourself. And the bonus is limited to software developers and designers, not just any old job. The offer expires in six months. And the person who is referred for the job and gets it has to stay for at least 120 days. 

HubSpot probably won’t have a problem getting folks to apply. The company, which makes marketing software, is known as a great place to work that takes its culture seriously. Its perks range from tuition reimbursement to playing musical desks every quarter.

An MIT professor has even been shadowing the company for seven months to write a case study about the culture there, marketing fellow Dan Lyons tells us.

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