There's A Dropbox Competitor That Offers Ridiculously More Online Storage Space For Almost The Same Amount Of Money

HubiCHubiCOVH runs HubiC, the site with the amazing offer.

A French-hosting company called OVH just updated the rates for its Dropbox-competitor site HubiC, and is now offering a jaw-dropping 10 TB for only about $US13.50 per month (€10).

That is a ridiculous amount of space for a super-low price, especially when you compare the offer to Dropbox’s most popular plan, which gives you 100 GB for $US10 per month. (1 TB is 1,000 GB).

Essentially, if you used new-comer HubiC instead of the more-established Dropbox, you’d be getting 102 times more space for only $US3.50 more. Like Dropbox, HubiC provides desktop syncing and mobile apps.

TechCrunch points out that because HubiC, through OVH, has its own server infrastructure and data centres (it doesn’t rely on Amazon’s cloud computing service like Dropbox does), the service probably has low operating costs, which allows it to offer such great deals.

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