55-Year-Old Olympic Skier Is Also A Photographer Who Shot A NSFW Topless Skiing Calendar

Prince Hubertus von Holenlohe is a 55-year-old Mexican Olympic skier who became a viral sensation this week because of his incredible life story.

He’s a German prince, a photographer, and a pop singer who goes by the name Andy Himalaya, as well as a world-class alpine skier. He’s also wearing a skin-tight mariachi suit during the Olympics.

But it turns out that von Holenlohe is even more interesting that he first appeared.

As NBC Olympics points out, he recently shot a calendar called “Skiinstructor Calender 2014.” It features topless women, some of whom are moderately famous, in ski gear on a mountain. It was shot at seven ski resorts around the world. Here’s a screenshot from the “making of” video:

We’ve clicked through the pictures. They’re NSFW but not raunchy — kind of like the SI swimsuit issue but with bare breasts. All in all, we’d call it classy, professional work from von Holenlohe.

Amina Dagi, who was Miss Austria in 2012, is on the cover.

One model, an Olympic skier from Lebanon, took a risk by posing for the shoot because many in her home country would look down on the photos. She told NBC Olympics that her friendship with von Holenlohe convinced her to do it:

“He is a really good friend and he is very passionate about what he does, whether it is sport or the Olympics or photography. It is nice to see people who are older and still want more and don’t want to stop because they love the sport so much.”

Hubertus von Holenlohe is an inspiration to us all.

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