Meet The Man Who Is Suing Vegas After A Disappointing Hooker Encounter

hubert blackmanA 22-year-old New Yorker named Hubert Blackman

Photo: Courtesy of Myspace

A New York college student was in Vegas last month, when he hired a stripper to perform a lap dance and “another sex act” for a total of $275. The john, Hubert Blackman, afterward complained to Las Vegas Exclusive Personals that she left after 30 minutes instead of the promised hour.When he wasn’t issued a refund, Blackman contacted the police, who allegedly harassed and threatened to arrest him, according to The Las Vegas Sun.

Upon returning to New York, Blackman filed suit in federal court, claiming that he requires medical treatment following the traumatic encounter: “I would like the court to close the business. I also would like to get my $275 payment back and a $1.8 million verdict for the tragic event that happened.”

Here’s the profile of a 22-year-old Hubert Blackman from New York City on MySpace, which may be the plaintiff.

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