Another Chinese Company Just Unveiled A Dirt-Cheap iPhone Clone, And This Time It's Even Called The '6 Plus'

Chinese smartphone maker Huawei just took the wraps off its latest Android phone, and it looks awfully familiar (via Engadget). 

The new Honour 6 Plus, a follow-up to the company’s Honour 6 phone, comes with a 5.5-inch 1080p screen — just like Apple’s similarly-named iPhone 6 Plus.

There’s noticeable resemblance in terms of design, too. Take a look at the Huawei Honour 6 Plus below. It features similarly-sized bezels above and below the screen just like the iPhone, and the main difference appears to be the lack of a home button. 

It also comes in black, gold, and white/silver — just like the iPhone 6 Plus. 

Now here’s the iPhone 6 Plus for comparison’s sake.

Although the two phones look alike, there are some significant differences when you look at other hardware aspects. While they both come with 8-megapixel main cameras, the new Huawei phone uses a dual lens on its camera like the HTC One M8 so that you can re-focus images after they have been captured.

The Honour 6 Plus also has a larger battery than the iPhone 6 Plus and an octa-core processor (i.e. eight cores instead of four like the iPhone 6 Plus). This means the processor should be able to handle more tasks at once since it has more cores. 

There’s also a dramatic difference in price: Huawei’s 6 Plus will only cost $US320 unsubsidized, according to Engadget, while the iPhone 6 Plus starts at $US650.

It’s unclear whether or not the Honour 6 Plus will come to the company’s US store, however, but it’s likely to launch overseas first since Huawei is new to the US smartphone market.  

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