Tweezers are something you only need to buy once in your life — here's how to keep them sharp

Maridav/ ShutterstockTweezers can be expensive but you don’t really ever need to buy new ones.
  • Popular tweezer brand, Tweezerman, will re-sharpen your old tweezers for free.
  • If your tweezers can’t be re-sharpened, you’re still able to get new ones for 50% off.
  • The brand will re-sharpen nippers and scissors too.

If you’re someone who likes to do at-home grooming, then you’ve probably purchased tweezers more than once. Whether you’ve lost them or they have just become unusable, anyone who’s spent their money on tweezers knows what a pain it can be to replace them.

But what you may not know is popular tweezer brand, Tweezerman, has a policy that might allow you to only buy their tweezers once in your life.

Your dull tweezers can be sharpened with no issue

TweezermanTweezermanTweezerman has a policy that will re-sharpen your tweezers for you.

According to the Tweezerman site, if you’ve purchased a pair of tweezers and they have gone dull, you can get them re-sharpened. All you have to do is fill out a form on their site, and send your tweezers in a padded envelope to the address listed on the site.

If your tweezers can’t be re-sharpened, you’re still able to get something new for a cheaper price

Woman plucking eyebrowVoyagerix/ShutterstockYou can get tweezers 50% off.

What happens if your tweezers can’t be re-sharpened? Don’t worry, they have got you covered for that, too.

The brand will send you a half-off coupon for a new product – as long as your tweezers haven’t been misused or modified. If you just want your old set of tweezers back, however, you can get those instead.

Just indicate which option you want when filling out the initial form. If you’ve purchased tweezers that have protective-finish coated tips and want to get those sharpened, just be sure to remember that the protective coating will no longer be at the tips once sent back.

Additionally, the site notes that because of high volume with sharpening orders, you can expect to wait anywhere from six to eight weeks to get yours back. And if you’re located internationally, it will be a few weeks longer.

Nippers and scissors can be re-sharpened, too

Although it doesn’t work for every implement that the brand offers, if you’ve bought a pair of Tweezerman scissors or nippers, you can send those back for free sharpening, too. And if your nipper springs break, they will replace them.

Whatever tool you decide to send back, however, just be sure that you’ve cleaned them first or they won’t be sharpened or replaced.


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