Spotify and want you to listen to music that reflects your DNA — and people are confused

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  • Spotify and are teaming up to create curated heritage playlists based on your DNA results, prompting mixed thoughts on Twitter.
  • The playlists can be created by connecting your accounts or selecting the top regions of your heritage. You can also see your musical DNA as part of the collaboration, and see what genres make up the music you listen to.

Spotify and just partnered up, allowing you to make a playlist based on your DNA.^tfw

Based on the results from your $US99 AncestryDNA kit, Spotify can curate a “Heritage Playlist” for you, or create it yourself based on your top five ethnic regions of heritage. You can also examine your “Musical DNA,” and see which musical genres you listen to most.

“Anyone with the link can take advantage of the customised playlist, but the regions in the drop-down menu directly correlate to AncestryDNA results and this specific part of the partnership is geared toward AncestryDNA customers,” an Ancestry spokesperson shared with BuzzFeed News.

Despite the Ancestry rep stating that no “DNA data” is shared with Spotify, not everyone is down for this collaboration.^tfw^tfw

But there are some enjoying their playlists so far!

Since the partnership was launched last Thursday, more than 10,000 people have signed up for the service, according to Quartz.

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