Sorry, but Nic Cage isn't a fan of Nic Cage memes

Jason Kempin / Staff / Getty ImagesNicholas Cage is worried about the viral memes about him.

  • Nicolas Cage gave an interview addressing viral Internet memes about him.
  • He said that he worries people may not give his new film “Mandy” enough credit because they’re taking its scenes out of context.
  • Cage also spoke about how he pursues unusual characters and challenges in acting.

In a new interview with IndieWire, Nicolas Cage spoke at length about “Cage Rage,” and fan’s reactions to his many unusual, often-animated characters.

“The issue is, with the advent of the Internet doing these mashups where they pull these choice moments without the context of the whole film around it to support it, has created this meme-ification, if you will,” he said in the interview. “It’s been branded ‘Cage Rage,’ and it’s frustrating.”

Cage is well aware of the slew of videos online compiling his most emotional and over-the-top quotes and reactions on screen and said he worries that they may prove detrimental to his career and to the movies he has starred in.

“The Internet has kind of done the movie a disservice,” he continued. “I think that the movie hasn’t been given perhaps a fair viewing by virtue of the fact that the Internet has mashed them up with these moments that have been cherry-picked, that aren’t really in the context of the character or how the character got there.”

Cage admitted to stoking the fire in a way by seeking out roles that have him running crazed down the street, making unnerving faces, and flying into a rage. Still, he worries that the Internet’s jokes might strip away the complexities of the characters he is portraying.

“I have to be honest. I did make certain choices to realise my abstract and more ontological fantasies with film performance, by playing people who were crazy, or by playing people who were on drugs, or supernaturally possessed – so that I have the licence, if you will, to explore the German Expressionistic style of acting or the Western kabuki,” he concluded. “Whatever you want to call it.”

Of course, “Cage Rage” is just the beginning when it comes to Nicolas Cage memes: the actor has been spliced into movies he didn’t star in, turned into gifs, and immortalised as the symbol for craving a piece of cake.^tfw

But, the Internet memes haven’t dissuaded him from pursuing the unusual roles he has become known for: “I had made a decision a long time ago that I wasn’t only going to explore naturalistic acting,” he said.

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