Lush's new holiday collection is made to smell like festive food — and items are as cheap as $5

LushFeatured in this photo is the Cheery Christmas Bath Bomb.

You might still be deciding what to buy from Lush’s glow-in-the-dark Halloween launch, but the beauty brand is already preparing for the winter holidays.

Lush‘s newest collection, the Lush Holiday Range, is filled with over 60 holiday-themed bath products, amd will include body lotions, bath bombs, lip scrubs, and more.

While the collection has not officially launched yet, Lush shared a preview of the holiday food-inspired line with INSIDER. Not only is the entire line made with food-based ingredients such as gingerbread, plums, and cotton candy, but each item is also festively scented.

There’s no word yet on when exactly these products will be available for purchase, but for now we’ve rounded up the 22 coolest items from the collection below.

The Santa Bomb Bomb Bath Bomb includes two bath bombs.

LushBy breaking it apart, you can use this product twice to fizz up your bath.

This item is said to smell like cola soda.

Cost: $US9.95

Your lips should feel exfoliated and soft after using the Cranberry Fizz Lip Scrub.

LushCranberry is commonly used in a variety of holiday meals.

To create its organic cranberry scent, Lush used castor sugar and cranberry seed.

Cost: $US7.95

The Icehoggles Soap will look cool in your bathroom.

LushThis product is said to lather under water.

Those that like to avoid strong fragrances should try this “delicately scented” soap.

Cost: $US7.95

Prepare for an unexpected scent when using the Rudolph Jelly Face Mask.

LushThis mask is said to be cleansing.

Created with cocoa powder, orange oil, and kaolin, this face scrub will most likely smell like citrus and chocolate.

One of the most refreshing products in the line will be the Snow Fairy Cold Pressed Soap.

LushLush says that this soap will ‘brighten up grey winter days.’

Made with lemon myrtle and grapefruit oil, this soap is meant to invigorate and awaken your senses.

Cost: $US7.95

The Plum Pudding Luxury Bath Melt is perfect for dry, winter skin.

LushWrapped inside of its purple packaging is the actual bath melt.

Not only is this bath melt fruit-scented, but it’s also said to be soothing, as it’s made with “rich fair trade cocoa butter” and “soothing oats.”

Cost: $US8.95

The scent of the Candy Mountain Yule Log Bubble Bar will bring back memories of childhood holidays.

LushThis bubble bar will turn your bathwater pink.

Crumble this bubble bar under running water to create candy-scented foam.

Cost: $US5.95

There are two different ways to use this Strawberry Santa Soap.

LushThis soap looks like Santa at first glance, but look closer to see strawberry seed indents.

The red pieces of this soap provide a sweet strawberry scent, while the white middle part moisturizes and softens skin.

Cost: $US8.95

The Festive Friends bar puts a holiday twist on a classic Lush product.

LushThese multipurpose bars can be used as shampoo, soap, bubble bath, or as a toy.

This citrus-scented bar is intended for you to mould into any shape that reminds you of the holidays.

Cost: $US8.95

The scent of the Naughty Elf Bubble Bar might surprise you.

LushCrumble this bar under water for a refreshing bubble bath.

This bubble bar combines two classic scents, violet and mango.

Cost: $US7.95

The Cinders Shower Gel is perfect for both fall and winter.

LushThis product is also available in a ‘naked’ version without the bottle.

This lathering soap features a nutmeg and cinnamon scent, but also uses pumpkin seed oil to soften skin.

Cost: $US9.95 – $US32.95

The Cheery Christmas Bath Bomb is made with lemon oil to energize skin.

LushLike most Lush products, this bath bomb is vegan.

Adding pink and purple swirls to your bathwater, this snowflake-print bath bomb is perfect for any day of the holiday season.

Cost: $US5.95

If you like sudsy bath products, the Shooting Stars Soap is for you.

LushThis soap will be available in four colours.

Another citrus-scented product in the Lush Holiday Range, this soap is said to smell like bergamot, lime, and lemon.

Cost: $US6.95

This Santa’s Belly Shower Jelly is as cute as it is cleansing.

LushDespite its shiny appearance, this product won’t actually leave you covered in glitter.

Lush describes this apple juice-scented shower jelly as being perfect for “Christmas cleanliness.”

Cost: $US6.95

Those that enjoy light and calming bath products will love the Butter Bear Bath Bomb.

LushThis bath bomb is made with fair-trade cocoa butter.

Lush claims that your skin will feel smooth and smell like vanilla after using this bath bomb.

Cost: $US4.95

The Snow Fairy Body Spray is super easy to use.

LushThis body spray is one of the most expensive items in Lush’s Holiday Range.

One spritz of this spray will leave you smelling like candy.

Cost: $US29.95

You can purchase the Sleepy Shower Gel with or without a plastic bottle.

LushThese products are an extension of Lush’s ‘sleepy’ range of products.

Matching this gel’s purple colouring is its lavender scent.

Cost: $US9.95

Give back to charity by purchasing the Naked Charity Pot Hand and Body Lotion.

LushThis lotion is made with ylang ylang and rosewood oils.

Not only is this product described by Lush as its “most ethical product yet,” but the brand also says that 100% of the sales price “goes to grassroots organisations working to support human rights, animal welfare and environmental conservation across the world.”

Cost: $US9.95

The Snowman Bomb Bomb Bath Bomb is another two-part product.

LushThis bath bomb is perfect to use throughout the entire winter season.

This spearmint-scented bath bomb would be an ideal gift for anyone who enjoys a refreshing bath.

Cost: $US9.95

Have some fun with the Magic Wand Reusable Bubble Bar.

LushTo use this product, simply hold it under running water.

This candy-scented bar will fill your tub with pink bubbles.

Cost: $US8.95

The Gingerbread Man Sparkle Jar is more complex than it looks.

LushThis product features scents of cocoa butter and ginger.

Though it looks like a bar of soap, this product is actually a solid lotion with shimmering body highlighter inside. To use it, you can either rub the product against your skin, or you can poke holes where the gingerbread’s buttons would go and shake out the hidden powder.

Cost: $US8.95

This fairy dust won’t give you any magical powers, but it claims to leave your skin sparkling.

LushThis product features the same scent as other Fairy-themed products in the line.

Made with a gentle corn starch, this dust can be used anywhere on the skin.

Cost: $US6.95


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