'Dancing with the Stars' pro Witney Carson said she 'felt gross' on the keto diet — and she had to ditch being vegan too

Getty/David LivingstonWitney Carson is a professional dancer on ‘Dancing with the Stars.’
  • Despite its popularity, the keto diet is not for everyone including dancer Witney Carson.
  • While on the diet, she said she experienced bad skin problems.
  • She said, “I’ve done keto before, and I felt really gross. I did lose weight on it, but my skin broke out.”

Over the years, the keto diet has grown in popularity with many claiming it helps regulate weight loss, cholesterol and insulin levels. But for some, including dancer Witney Carson, a pro dancer on “Dancing with the Stars,” the diet just isn’t quite right.

In an interview with Women’s Health, Carson spoke of diets she’s done in the past including the keto diet. However, she said she found that the eating regimen had more negative than positive effects on her body.

“I’ve done keto before, and I felt really gross,” she told them. “I did lose weight on it, but my skin broke out. I have eczema and my eczema was super, super bad. I think I have an allergy to dairy and cheese, so I try to stay away as much as I can now.”

Carson is not alone in experiencing skin problems due to the keto diet. A study from the “Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology” journal published back in 2015 found that diets like keto that are high in dairy can have an increase in acne-causing sebum. Some have also experienced what is called the “keto rash,” which are itchy red bumps that appear throughout the body.

Witney carlsonGetty/Alberto E. RodriguezWitney Carlson was also vegan for a period of time.

Seeing the negative effects the diet was reeking on her skin, Carson ditched the keto diet and went vegan. And although she said she “felt super-light and good and energised” while vegan, she didn’t feel her muscles were getting enough protein and decided to just stick to eating whole foods and what she feels healthy eating.

When she outlined her current diet to Women’s Health, she said she sticks to a salad or sandwich for lunch and ditches carbs for dinner.


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