The top 20 cities in America for coffee lovers

Sean Gallup/Getty ImagesNational Coffee Day is September 29.

According to Reuters, 64% of Americans over 18 surveyed said that they had had a cup of coffee the previous day – a new high.

Clearly, Americans love coffee. But where can they find the best cup? WalletHub released a study breaking down the best cities across the nation for coffee-drinkers. The report took the 100 most populated cities in the US, and examined them for 14 different factors.

These factors include the average price per cappuccino, the number coffee shops per capita, the number of coffee shops per capita that offer free WiFi, average household spending on coffee, and Google search traffic for the term “coffee,” to name a few.

Keep scrolling to see the top 20 cities to get your caffeine fix in.

20. Fremont, CA

Facebook/Slap Face Coffee & TeaSlap Face Coffee & Tea.

According to the study, the people of Fremont boast the highest spending on coffee per household at $US186.85 per year.

19. Oakland, CA

Blue Bottle Coffee, one of the most recognisable names in the coffee game right now, originated in Oakland.

18. Pittsburgh, PA

Yelp/Sharlene L.Constellation Coffee.

Constellation Coffee is a local favourite.

17. Austin, TX

Yelp/Errol M.Flitch Coffee.

Flitch Coffee is emblematic of “Keep Austin Weird” – it’s located inside a vintage Spartan trailer.

16. Atlanta, GA

Yelp/Rebecca C.Brash Coffee.

Brash Coffee has two locations – and one is located inside a repurposed storage container.

15. Orlando, FL

Yelp/Madeline B.Joy of Tea.

In a place like Disney World, the only way to go is iced coffee – and Joy of Tea at the China pavilion in Epcot even sells a boozy version called “Tipsy Ducks in Love.” It has coffee, tea, bourbon, and (optional) whipped cream.

14. Philadelphia, PA

Michal Magiera/ShutterstockA classic pairing.

According to the study, Philadelphia has the third-most doughnut shops per capita of the cities surveyed (New York City and Chicago are tied for first).

13. Minneapolis, MN

Yelp/Alina Y.Botany Coffee.

There’s no shortage of coffee to choose from in the Twin Cities. You can read more about them here.

12. Las Vegas, NV

Yelp/Sunrise CoffeeSunrise Coffee.

It’s not shocking that the party capital of the US has a strong coffee scene. Sunrise coffee is a local favourite.

11. Denver, CO

Facebook/The Coffee JointThe Coffee Joint.

In keeping with tradition, since Colorado was the first state to legalise recreational marijuana use, The Coffee Joint became the first coffee shop to allow marijuana use on its premises – essentially, it’s BYO-weed.

10. San Diego, CA

Yelp/Alexander RHolsem Coffee.

Holsem Coffee, located in San Diego, has some innovative drinks on their menu, like La Vie en Rose, which is a cappuccino with rosewater, rose petal, honey, and cardamom.

9. Boston, MA

Yelp/Mimi L.Pavement Coffee.

Pavement Coffee started in 1998 as a single location near Fenway Park. Now, it has eight locations all over Boston.

8. Miami, FL

Yelp/Tal L.ALL DAY.

WalletHub reported that Miami has the fifth-lowest average price per pack of coffee.

7. Chicago, IL

Yelp/Eric H.The Wormhole.

The Wormhole, a semi-sci-fi themed cafe, was named the best coffee shop in Illinois by Business Insider.

6. Washington, DC

Yelp/Jaime P.Coffee Nature.

According to Yelp, Coffee Nature has some of the best latte art in Washington, DC.

5. Los Angeles, CA

Yelp/Jeff V.The Butcher, The Baker, The Cappuccino Maker.

LA Mag called The Butcher, The Baker, The Cappuccino Maker one of “LA’s most Instagrammable coffee shops” – it’s easy to see why.

4. Portland, OR

Craig Mitchelldyer/Getty ImagesStumptown Coffee Roasters.

Coffee giant Stumptown Coffee Roasters was founded in Portland, and now is available all over the world.

3. San Francisco, CA

Yelp/Ann S.Sightglass Coffee.

San Francisco is tied for first with New York City for the amount of highly-rated, yet affordable, coffee shops per capita.

2. Seattle, WA


Seattle, home of Starbucks, was named the best city for coffee lovers in 2017.

1. New York, NY

Yelp/Kay C.Coffee Project.

NYC was named the top city for coffee aficionados in 2018. New York tied for the most affordable and highly rated coffee shops per capita, and generally has the highest rate of coffee shops per capita – and tied with Chicago for most doughnut shops per capita.


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