'Game of Thrones' star Alfie Allen got his privates stuck in the zipper of his pants before meeting Princess Diana, according to his sister Lily Allen

Claire Greenway/Getty ImagesLily Allen’s brother Alfie had an embarrassing experience while meeting Princess Diana.
  • Lily Allen’s new memoir, “My Thoughts Exactly,” reveals some interesting encounters from her life growing up.
  • She revealed that her brother, “Game of Thrones” star, Alfie Allen, made quite an embarrassing first impression on Princess Diana.
  • Then 5-years-old, Lily wrote that Alfie revealed to Diana that he had gotten his private parts stuck in the zipper of his pants, which brought him to tears upon meeting her.
  • Lily did not write about the Princess’ response to the encounter.

Singer Lily Allen’s new memoir, “My Thoughts Exactly,” reveals many stories and encounters from her life. One of the most notable encounters involves her younger brother, “Game of Thrones” star, Alfie Allen.

The siblings’ mother, Alison Owen, hosted a premiere for “Hear My Song,” the first movie she produced. Princess Diana was a special guest at the premiere in London in 1992, according to the Daily Mail.

Lily, 6-years-old at the time, recalls the moment she and Alfie, 5-years-old, met Princess Diana.

Alfie AllenGetty ImagesAlfie Allen.

The pair were supposed to present the princess with flowers and a gift, however, Alfie had a wardrobe malfunction that made for an embarrassing first impression, according to Lily.

Alfie started to cry upon meeting Princess Diana, according to Lily, and she asked the crying child what was wrong.

According to Lily’s memoir, he told the princess, “My willy is caught in my zip.”

While Lily did not reveal what Princess Diana’s reaction was, the moment was likely an embarrassing one for Alfie.

This isn’t the first time these famous siblings have made headlines. She wrote one of her most famous songs “Alfie” about her brother, which she later told Marie Claire had caused a few arguments in her family. They also publicly disagreed about whether or not Lily was offered the role of Yara on “Game of Thrones,” which would have involved an onscreen incestual sexual encounter between the two.

INSIDER reached out to Alfie Allen’s management group for comment but did not immediately receive a response.


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