Tiger Woods' massive, $20 million yacht has been docked in New York just days before the PGA Championship

  • Tiger Woods’ $US20 million yacht, “Privacy,” is docked in Oyster Bay, New York, days before the PGA Championship begins 13 miles away.
  • Woods stayed on his yacht during the 2018 U.S. Open.
  • Woods is reportedly going to be at the White House on Monday, so he may show up to his yacht next week to begin preparing for his next major.
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Coming off a spectacular win at the Masters and heading into the PGA Championship, Tiger Woods is making his presence felt.

According to Marinetraffic.com, Woods’ massive, $US20 million yacht, “Privacy,” is docked at Oyster Bay, New York. It reportedly arrived on Wednesday.

It’s unclear if Woods is on the boat, with an employee at the marina telling Golf.com that they’re unsure if Woods is there. The boat is docked just 13 miles from Bethpage, which hosts this year’s PGA Championship.

Woods has shown up in the luxurious yacht, which he once called a “dinghy” before. He stayed there for the 2018 U.S. Open.

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According to Golf.com, the boat is 6,500 square feet, sleeps 21 people, requires nine staff members, and costs $US2 million a year to maintain.

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Woods is reportedly visiting the White House on Monday to celebrate his win at The Masters. President Donald Trump previously announced that he would honour Woods with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. If Woods is not already on Privacy, he may go to his boat after the White House to prepare for his next major.

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