17 unique vodka flavours you can try

Nordroden/ShutterstockThere are a lot of special flavours of vodka out there.
  • Vodka is one of the most popular spirits in the US.
  • INSIDER rounded up some unique flavours of vodka you can purchase now, like blueberry-pancake-flavored vodka and bacon-flavored vodka.
  • You can also purchase marshmallow-flavored vodka or vodka that tastes like pickles.
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If you love creative cocktails and fun drinks, you just might appreciate a uniquely flavored vodka. Around the globe, a variety of liquor labels have been producing specialty flavours that can make for a flavorful shot or a fun mixer.

From sweet, breakfast-inspired spirits to savoury, condiment-inspired alcohol, here are some unique vodka flavours you may want to try.

Three Olives Coconut Water Vodka has subtle flavours.

Three OlivesThree Olives Coconut Water Vodka.

This coconut-water-flavored vodka is said to be smoother and more refreshing than typical coconut-flavored vodka. It’s described as having a slight light-brown-sugar taste and a buttery coconut-cream finish.

UV Sriracha Vodka will add a kick to your next cocktail.

UV SirachaUV Sriracha Vodka.

Here’s a different way to (sort of) add your favourite spicy condiment into your drinks. You can try using this Sriracha Vodka in your Bloody Mary or in UV’s Bonfire cocktail – its only ingredients are hot chocolate and Sriracha vodka.

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Pinnacle Salted Caramel Vodka can be taken as a shot.

PinnaclePinnacle Salted Caramel Vodka.

The vodka is described as having a soft, caramel flavour mixed with a hint of salt.

Pinnacle recommends using this flavour in a caramel-cream shot by combining salted-caramel vodka with layers of Irish-cream liquor.

Vincent Van Gogh PB&J Vodka is a nod to a childhood favourite.

Van GoghVincent Van Gogh PB&J Vodka.

This vodka is described as having a slight raspberry flavour that is followed by a nutty vanilla flavour.

Meat lovers might enjoy Bakon Vodka’s savoury flavours.

BakonBakon Vodka.

This specialty vodka has won awards for its unique flavour. Bakon has even created a list of creative drink recipes that include this vodka, such as a pizza shot or a BLT martini.

360 Glazed Doughnut Vodka is nice and sweet.

360 Vodka360 Glazed Doughnut Vodka.

You definitely don’t want to miss out on this dessert-inspired vodka.

Smirnoff Sorbet Light Raspberry Pomegranate Vodka is refreshing and light.

SmirnoffSmirnoff Sorbet Light Raspberry Pomegranate Vodka.

Sweet, fruity, and light, this dessert-inspired vodka is reduced-calorie and has strong berry notes.

Pinnacle Marshmallow Vodka might pair well with chocolate and graham crackers.

PinnaclePinnacle Marshmallow Vodka.

Made in France, this sweet vodka is packed with smooth, marshmallow flavours.

Burnett’s Sweet Tea Vodka may be your new favourite.

Burnett’sBurnett’s Sweet Tea Vodka.

Inspired by the super-refreshing drink, this sweet-tea-flavored vodka might be your new go-to mixer in the summer.

Smirnoff Root Beer Float Vodka is inspired by a classic beverage.

SmirnoffSmirnoff Root Beer Float Vodka.

This vodka is described as having a balance of sweet and spicy flavours, just like the root-beer-based dessert.

Those who love savoury snacks might appreciate the taste of 360 Buttered Popcorn Vodka.

360360 Buttered Popcorn Vodka.

This popcorn-flavored vodka will remind you of movie theatres and salty snacks.

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Pickle lovers might like Chilled Dills Pickle Flavored Vodka.

Chilled DillsChilled Dills Pickle Flavored Vodka.

You can pour a splash of this pickle-flavored vodka into your Bloody Mary for added tanginess.

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Pinnacle Red Licorice Vodka is inspired by a popular candy.

PinnaclePinnacle Red Licorice Vodka.

This French-made, candy-flavored vodka has a sweet berry flavour that could remind you of your favourite candy.

Mama Walker’s Blueberry Pancake Vodka has some breakfast-inspired flavours.

Mama Walker’sMama Walker’s Blueberry Pancake Vodka.

The Canada-based brand Mama Walker’s produces a whole variety of breakfast-inspired vodkas. You can also try its maple-bacon and glazed-doughnut flavours.

Oddka Fresh Cut Grass Vodka is certainly unique.

OddkaOddka Fresh Cut Grass Vodka.

If you enjoy the smell of fresh-cut grass, you may want to even try the taste of it. This vodka was first released in 2012 and has a pale-green tint to it.

Smirnoff Iced Cake Vodka is great for a celebration.

SmirnoffSmirnoff Iced Cake Vodka.

With notes of vanilla and sugar, this dessert vodka can be used to make a strawberry-shortcake martini.

Crop Tomato Vodka can take your Bloody Mary to the next level.

Crop VodkaCrop Tomato Vodka.

Crop produces vodka from organic grain. With its zesty flavour and tomato notes, this vodka is the perfect addition to a Bloody Mary.

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