Taco Bell is selling a pool float shaped like a hot sauce packet that's perfect for spicy food lovers

Taco BellTaco Bell’s ‘Hot Sauce Packet Pool Float.’

Taco Bell’s hot sauce has been bringing the heat for spicy food lovers for years. Now, the fast-food chain is capitalising on the popularity of its fan-favourite condiment with a whole line of hot sauce-themed merchandise for the summer.

As Bustle points out, you can now buy a giant, orange pool float that looks just like one of Taco Bell’s famous hot sauce packets on the Taco Bell Taco Shop website. The 43-inch by 80-inch float is made of PVC material and costs $US45 to purchase. The word “HOT” is printed on the top, along with the Taco Bell logo.

Taco bell pool floatTaco BellTaco Bell’s ‘Hot Sauce Packet Pool Float.’

In addition to the pool float, the Taco Shop website is selling hot sauce-inspired bikinis and swim trunks, beach towels, waterproof music speakers, portable chargers, and duffel bags. The company is also selling beach umbrellas, coolers, and many more summer items printed with Taco Bell iconography.

Taco bell hot sauce towelTaco BellTaco Bell’s ‘Sauce Packet Collection Velour Beach Towel.’

Taco Bell’s “Hot Sauce Packet Pool Float” is far from the first to garner attention heading into the summer season.

Amazon is selling an avocado-shaped pool float with a removable pit that beachgoers can bat around like a beach ball. Another vendor is hopping on the recent pickle craze by offering pickle pool floats for less than $US10 on Amazon, and there’s another pool float that lets you zoom away from your problems at the touch of a button, and one that looks like an inflatable sloth.

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