A disturbing 116-page document leaked from a Swarthmore fraternity was filled with racist, homophobic, and sexist jokes — and even referred to a 'rape tunnel' and 'rape attic'

  • Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania has suspended all fraternity activities in the wake of a disturbing, leaked document filled with racist, homophobic, and misogynistic jokes and references.
  • The documents even make light of sexual assault, referring to a “rape tunnel” and “rape attic” at a different fraternity.
  • Protestors staged a sit-in at the fraternity house on Monday, putting up signs that said “CLOSE THE RAPE ATTIC” and “STILL A RAPE HAVEN.”
  • The Phi Psi Fraternity said in a statement that they condemn the language used in the documents, but said no current brothers were involved.
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A Pennsylvania college has suspended all fraternity activities on its campus after a leaked, 116-page document made a number of disturbing references to potential hazing incidents, as well as racist, homophobic, and misogynistic jokes and references.

The documents, first published by student-run news outlets The Phoenix and Voices, contain meeting “minutes” from recent years that graphically describe fraternity activities, parties, and sexual encounters. The descriptions are full of derogatory terms used to describe women and minorities, and joke about sexual assault.

The documents also include images and names of the fraternity members, though the documents the student outlets published were redacted. The activities described in the minutes took place between 2010 and 2016, according to the Phoenix.

“I’m baaaaaaccccckkkkkkkkk. So after a nice 4-month vacation in paradise, [NAME] is back to boom roast some Phi fellows and bimbo rats at the same damn time,” one 2014 entry begins. “SO far, I dig the hustle. Nothing better than basement takedowns and tiny Asian chicks getting pummelled with full sheet cakes bearing the one and only [NAME]’s face. You guys make the minutes, I just sit behind my laptop and craft offensive s—.”

At one point, the documents even refer to a “rape tunnel” and “rape attic” at a different fraternity.

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One Swarthmore student, 20-year-old Maya Henry, told The Washington Post the “rape attic” was a bedroom inside the fraternity, and that she would often race there to ensure no one was harmed.

“I would sprint up the stairs that lead to the bedroom that’s referred to a ‘rape attic’ because I knew that there was only one woman up there and a bunch of fraternity brothers,” she said.

Protesters seized on the so-called “rape attic” and some of the other details within the documents, and staged a sit-in at the fraternity house in protest.

“CLOSE THE RAPE ATTIC,” one sign read.

“STILL A RAPE HAVEN,” read another one.

A violation of ‘basic decency’

Swarthmore’s Phi Psi fraternity is not affiliated with a national organisation. It was suspended in 2016 for violating the college’s alcohol and drug policy, and reopened last year for parties, according to the Associated Press.

On Saturday, the college’s president announced she was suspending fraternity activities while an external investigator reviews the matter.

On Monday, she called the documents “heinous” and “deeply troubling,” though noting that no current students were likely involved in the activities described.

“Let there be no doubt: I absolutely condemn the language and actions described in the documents from 2013-16. What is contained within those pages is vulgar and deeply offensive to all of us,” President Valerie Smith said. “The racism, misogyny, and homophobia described within them is antithetical to the values of the College and violates the student code of conduct as well as basic decency.”

In an April 17 statement, the Swarthmore Phi Psi Fraternity said none of its current brothers were involved in the activities the documents detailed, and would not have joined the organisation had those standards still been in place.

“We wholeheartedly condemn the language of the 2013 and 2014 notes, as they are not representative of who we are today,” the statement said. “Like any institution or organisation at the College, we recognise our capacity for positive and transformative change.”

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