A woman gave her family a hilarious brochure about going on a date while they were on vacation, and recommends the tactic for anyone dealing with prying personal questions

Bea Helman, Mary Beth BaroneMary Beth Barone gave her family a very relatable dating brochure.
  • Comedian Mary Beth Barone made a brochure for her relatives about going on a date during a family vacation last year.
  • Before heading down to Florida for a family trip, 27-year-old Barone agreed to go on a date with a friend’s brother in Miami.
  • She told INSIDER the brochure was a helpful way to answer everyone’s questions simultaneously, and recommends the tactic for anyone dealing with prying family questions.
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From Thanksgiving dinners to family weddings, there’s no place a relative won’t ask about our love lives.

But comedian Mary Beth Barone wanted to make sure an upcoming family vacation wouldn’t be ruined by prying questions, so she made a brochure for relatives to read before going on a date during their trip.

Before heading down to Florida for a family trip last year, 27-year-old Barone made a pamphlet titled: “I’m Going on a Date While We’re on Vacation: Here’s everything you don’t actually need to know but will definitely ask.” She shared photos of the brochure on Twitter Wednesday, which quickly went viral.

The brochure featured questions including who she was going on a date with, how they met, where she would be going, and more. It also included a photo of a dog with a thought bubble that said: “Fun Fact: He’s tri-lingual!”

Barone, who is based in New York, told INSIDER that she and the man she was going on a date with – who is the brother of one of her friend’s and lives in Miami – connected at a wedding in North Carolina.

She said she was “deathly ill” at the wedding, with a cough, scratchy eyes, and no voice, but put on makeup and went anyway.

“I kinda had a crush on him going into it so I was like ‘welp I’m screwed,'” she told INSIDER. “He was a total gentleman the whole night and actually made me hot tea to help with my throat.”

They continued talking in the lead up to Barone’s family vacation, and she decided to make the hour-drive to Miami for a date while she was there.

But Barone said, with 30 relatives on one family vacation, she had to logistically think of a way to tell them all she was going on a date with a man they didn’t know.

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She said as a comedian she’s pretty open about her love life, and her family has known her past two serious boyfriends – they were both friends of her older brothers.

“Pretty much every time we are together it’s multiple conversations happening at once about any one of us. It all comes from a place of love but with my parents, five older siblings, brothers/sisters in law, that’s a lot of minds racing at once,” she said. “I figured since there would be so many people, condense the info into a little brochure and eliminate any confusion, control the narrative.”

Mary Beth Barone's brochureMary Beth BaroneMary Beth Barone’s brochure

Barone told INSIDER that the date was “so much fun.” They had dinner at a restaurant, and she stayed the night in Miami.

Her family checked in periodically to make sure she was safe, and she sent them the address of where she was going to ensure they had all the details.

“Sadly, after my trip we texted for a few weeks and then he kinda ghosted,” Barone said over email. “I still think he’s a great guy. Just another one that didn’t work out I guess!!”

As for the brochures, it’s a tactic Barone would recommend to anyone: “It really cuts down on having the same conversation over and over. The great thing is, you can make one about any topic. I’m thinking of putting one together about my comedy career for the holiday season!”

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