You can now stay in a cottage that looks just like Hagrid's hut, and it's a magical escape for 'Harry Potter' fans

Charlotte Graham and Carol CavendishFrom the inside and out, the Ground Keeper’s Cottage perfectly matches the aesthetic of ‘Harry Potter.’
  • A new cottage at North Shire farm, located in North Yorkshire, UK, is attracting “Harry Potter” fans thanks to its resemblance to Hagrid’s hut in the films.
  • The farm’s Ground Keeper’s Cottage, which opened in April, can accommodate up to six guests, and has a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and living space.
  • It costs £295 ($US384 USD at the time of writing) to stay there for one night.
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A new cottage at a farm in the UK is attracting “Harry Potter” fans from all around the world thanks to its resemblance to Hagrid’s hut in the films.

North Shire farm, tucked away in North Yorkshire, UK, is home to a variety of family-friendly lodging areas, including a property that resembles a hobbit house from “Lord of the Rings,” while others look like they are straight out of fairy tales.

But it’s the Ground Keeper’s Cottage, which opened at North Shire in April, that’s sparking the most interest as fans have compared it to the hut where the Hogwarts professor lived in the “Harry Potter” movies. The space can house up to six people, and has a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and ample living space. To stay, it costs £295 ($US384 USD) per night.

Take a look inside the magical property below.

Ground Keeper’s Cottage first opened in April, ahead of International Harry Potter Day on May 2.

Charlotte Graham and Carol CavendishThe cottage bears a striking resemblance to Hagrid’s home in ‘Harry Potter.’

The cottage was created by Carol Cavendish, the North Shire farm’s owner, and cost £195,000 (a little under $254,400 USD) to build, according to the Daily Mail.

From the outside, it looks identical to Hagrid’s hut, which is seen in multiple “Harry Potter” films.

The destination is located within North Yorkshire, England.

Charlotte Graham and Carol CavendishThe Ground Keeper’s Cottage is located in North Shire, a farm in North Yorkshire.

According to the North Shire website, it costs £295 ($US384) to stay in the Ground Keeper’s Cottage for one night, £575 ($US749) for two nights, and £850 ($US1,107) for three nights.

But there’s more to see than just the building itself. The North Shire farm is home to a variety of animals, a café, and camping field. It’s also surrounded by the North York Moors, a stunning green landscape of heather moorland.

Inside the cottage, visitors can relax in a cosy living area.

Charlotte Graham and Carol CavendishThere’s plenty of room to relax by the fire inside the cottage.

The space is filled with a fireplace, two couches, tables made from trunks, and decorated with a variety of knickknacks strewn around the area.

And though there’s a separate bedroom, one of the couches includes a pull-out section, and doubles as a bed to make more sleeping space for guests.

Guests can sign a “Harry Potter”-style notebook using ink and a quill.

Charlotte Graham and Carol Cavendish‘Harry Potter’ fans will love the attention to detail.

While many bed-and-breakfasts have simple guest books, the Ground Keeper’s Cottage has a black notebook and quill – a clear nod to “Harry Potter,” which fans are sure to appreciate.

The cottage was designed with an open floor plan, so the living space connects directly to the kitchen.

Charlotte Graham and Carol CavendishThe fabric is reminiscent of Hagrid’s hut in the ‘Harry Potter’ films.

In true Hagrid fashion, the kitchen counters are covered in mixed fabrics, which add a DIY element to the area. The windows are also covered in grilles and delicate curtains, which allows natural sunlight to enter the space.

In terms of amenities, a kettle, fridge, toaster, combi oven, and utensils, are provided.

Some of Hagrid’s signature tools can be found throughout the cottage.

Charlotte Graham and Carol CavendishThere’s no shortage of detail throughout the Ground Keeper’s Cottage.

On one hanging rack, visitors can see Hagrid’s keys, lantern, and rope, which he uses in “Harry Potter” films and books to wrangle his array of magical creatures.

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The cottage’s bathroom is reminiscent of another area from the “Harry Potter” series.

Charlotte Graham and Carol CavendishHagrid doesn’t seem to be the only character who inspired the cottage.

The space is covered in shining green tiles, which look a lot like the brickwork seen throughout the Ministry of Magic.

The sink and tub are also unique, and add a rustic flare to the cottage.

Charlotte Graham and Carol CavendishIt’s hard not to feel like you’re in a ‘Harry Potter’ film in this cottage.

Rather than installing traditional bathroom fixtures, the owners of North Shire made sure to incorporate a copper sink and tub that matches the green tiles.

For some extra detail, the sink is placed on top of a barrel, and a piece of stained glass is included in place of a mirror.

Through a wooden door, guests of the cottage can enter the bedroom.

Charlotte Graham and Carol CavendishAn entire family could stay in the Ground Keeper’s Cottage.

The space is illuminated with small lanterns, and houses three beds. While the space can fit six people, the North Shire website says the cottage is ideal for four adults and two children.

From the rustic bedroom to the detailed kitchen, the Ground Keeper’s Cottage is a unique getaway for “Harry Potter” fans and seasoned travellers alike.

Charlotte Graham and Carol CavendishEveryone from ‘Harry Potter’ fans to world travellers can appreciate this space.

To book a stay at North Shire, visit the farm’s website.

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