HTML5 Gets Logo, Zillions Of Hilarious Parodies

html5 logo parody

HTML5 is a really big deal. It’s the latest, biggest revision of the HTML standard, which dictates how websites are programmed and displayed. So it’s geeky, but it’s also really important. And now HTML5 has an official logo — and as with pretty much anything that excites web geeks, that logo instantly got tons of hilarious parodies (via

HTML5 promises to make web pages more beautiful and interactive, and on the backend, provide standards that can allow webpages to be displayed the same way on all modern browsers, which makes web development easier. It also promises to add things to the web like open video standards, so browsers can play video without relying on the proprietary Flash format. HTML5 is backed by pretty much all the major companies like Google, Apple and Microsoft.

But that’s not what this post is about. This post is about bringing a smile to your face with the best HTML5 logo parodies.

First, the official logo

Pretty obvious: Transformers parody

Crazy HTML5 rabbit

The People's Standard!

Captain HTML5

HTML5 Superman!

HTML5 Superman Part Deux

Great Scott!

HTML5 is made of robots

More HTML5 Transformers parody


Hmm. HTML5 is a bit scrambled this morning.

Tiled HTML5

Nice jeans! Would you buy 'em?

Whoops. Microsoft's Internet Explorer invaded HTML5.


HTML5 is fast like a race car

HTML5 is just recycled HTML

Retro HTML5

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