HTC U11 smartphone comes with free noise-cancelling headphones

HTC U11 smartphone. (Source: supplied)

With so many features packed into smartphones these days, it’s getting harder for manufacturers to come up with something that distinguishes their brand from competitors.

The new battlefront seems to be the headphones that come for free with the handset.

HTC, launching its flagship U11 in Taipei today, revealed that the earbuds in the box have noise-cancelling capabilities.

The move follows Samsung’s decision last month to include “high-performance” AKG by Harman earphones, worth $US99, with its new Galaxy S8 phone.

The trend seems to end the days of cheap, low-quality earphones thrown into the box just for the sake of completeness.

HTC product vice president Nigel Newby-House told media in Taipei that most of the noise-cancelling gruntwork is done on the phone. This configuration perhaps indicates why the earbuds do not require separate batteries like traditional noise-reduction headphones.

* The journalist travelled to Taipei courtesy of HTC.

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